VoodooTV 200 PCI


The VOODOOtv 200 PCI bridges the gap between the PC and the Home Entertainment System. This powerful multimedia solution delivers sharp, clear television and FM stereo reception, coupled with a vast array of video and audio features, transforming the PC into a mini home entertainment center. Built around the MicroTuner , a state-of-the-art, silicon based TV-Tuner-on-a-Chip, the VOODOOtv 200 PCI delivers TV superior to that of any other product using a simple analog tuner.

Cable ready and 125 channel capable, the VOODOOtv 200 PCI will make sure that you never have to miss another ball game. Simply launch VOODOOtv 200PCI and watch whatever you like, in any size window, right on your PC desktop -- while you work or surf the Web.

General Features


Advanced TV Tuner Capabilities

Silicon based "TV tuner on a chip" Outstanding video, quality and performance. This state-of-the-art Microtuner™ from Microtune receives up to 125 channels.
Lightning fast channel acquisition Near instantaneous channel changing and faster channel scanning.
Channel scanning Scan all available channels in your area that are accessible via cable or aerial antenna(dependent upon signal strength). Set "active" and "surf" channels via point-and-click control panel.
View TV in a scalable window all the way up to full screen Watch TV in full screen mode just like a TV or in a window while surfing the Web and with the "always on top" feature, keep TV visible while working.
Fine tuning control Tweak channel frequencies to achieve the best reception possible.
Stereo TV Listen to TV in stereo (where available)

Stereo FM Tuner

Listen to your favorite FM Radio stations Listen in full stereo with dbx™ noise reduction. FM Tuner also includes ability to scan, seek, preset stations and more.

Easy to Use Visual Reality on Screen Remote

3dfx's VisualReality full-featured 32-bit on screen "virtual remote control" software included VisualReality gives you complete control to allow you to get the most out of your VOODOOtv. It looks and works like the remotes you use with your home TV and Stereo.
Choose your own interface design from a variety of skins Configure VisualReality to look and feel the way you want. Skin interface makes changing remote controls a snap.

Powerful Record and Capture Functionality

Conexant Fusion 878a Video Decoder This powerful chip decodes the TV signal for display on your PC. You can also capture video images up to 720x480, depending on your system's performance, and save them as .BMP files or save video as .AVI or MPEG files(MPEG formats on FM versions only).
Capture FM Audio Clips in MP3 Format Create your own virtual jukebox or trade your songs with friends by capturing and saving your favorite songs from the FM Stereo tuner. MP3 encode powered by Intervideo.
Capture video clips in AVI format Make videos from TV, VCR or Camcorder
Capture video clips in MPEG 1 format Make MPEG videos from TV, VCR or Camcorder. Includes Ligos GoMotion-powered MPEG-1 transcoding and decoding software.
Edit captured videos Using VideoStudio from Ulead, add cool effects to your videos.
Timed Record capability Set up Timed Record events just as you would on your VCR. Save individual video frames as .BMP files and view them with new "flip-book" technology Allows you to capture .BMP images in a "rapid-fire" fashion and with Flip Book, allows you scan through the pictures quickly so you can decide which ones to keep.

Cool Features and Custom Setup Options

Freeze Frame capability Freeze an image on screen.
Zoom feature Zoom in to any portion of the video window for a closer look at what's on screen.
Video conferencing ready Connect a desktop camera to your VOODOOtv, download any of the free web video conferencing packages and go.
Supports ScanCast™ closed captioning View Closed Caption text on screen during programs that have captioning. Use key words to monitor CC text and set up alerts to prompt you when those words appear in the text. Output text to a file or to a separate window.
Channel blocking for parental control Block out channels that you do not want.
Control brightness, contrast, color, and tint for the perfect picture Set picture characteristics to your preference and save as a custom setting.

Simple Installation and Configuration

Plug-and-Play Needs no extra external video cables, only an audio cable to your sound card for mono audio(included). Provides ease of installations and compatibility with virtually all the latest PC platforms with an open PCI slot (Intel Pentium, Pentium II, and Pentium III, AMD K6 and Athlon processor based systems).
Easy to use Audio Assistant helps you pick the right input on your sound card for TV audio Takes the guesswork out of setting up sound from your VOODOOtv card.

Numerous Input/Output Options

S-video, composite video, and stereo audio inputs Full complement of inputs allows you connect a wide variety of external video devices for live viewing or capture
Antenna/Cable In Receive up to 125 channels via cable
Audio In Receive sound from your VCR, camcorder or laser disc player.
S-Video In View high-quality S-Video input from your VCR or camcorder.
Composite In Standard "RCA type" video connector used on VCRs, camcorders and desktop cameras.
Audio Out Connect the audio out to an audio input on your sound card to get VOODOOtv audio

Extensive Product Compatibility

Compatible with a wide variety of graphics products VOODOOtv works in conjunction with most recent or currently available graphics cards with DirectDraw support for video overlays….Turning your PC into a TV.
Windows 95/98/98SE/ME compatible (WDM drivers for Windows 98SE and Windows ME only) VOODOOtv supports the most popular Operating Systems for multimedia.