Processor Socket370 Platform for PPGA Intel® Celeron™ 366~733MHz and FC-PGA Coppermine™ Processor up to 800MHz  

Intel® Socket370 Processor Mainboard with INTEL 440BX Chipset Design in ATX form factor

Cache FC-PGA Coppermine™ CPU On-Die 256KB Level 2 cache

PPGA CPU On-Die 128KB Level 2 cache

Front Side Bus

66/100 Mhz

Chipset INTEL® 440BX(North Bridge)+ SLC90E66 (SMSC South bridge)

System Memory 3 x DIMM up to 768MB, support PC66/100 SDRAM

On-board AGP No

On-board Audio No

Expansion Slots 4 x PCI Slot (PCI Rev. 2.2 Compliant)

2 x ISA Slot

1 x AGP Slot (AGP 1X/2X)

On-board I/O 2 x Serial Port with UART interface

1 x IrDA port

1 x Parallel Port (ECP/ EPP/SPP Support)

4 x IDE Port. (2 x Ultra DMA 33 & 2 x Ultra DMA 66 Synchronous mode Support)

1 x FDD Port(3 Mode, Up to 2.88MB)

2 x USB connector (Support Hot-Plug Function)

2 x PS/2 Port for Keyboard & Mouse

All I/O compliant to PC99

System BIOS 2Mb Flash EEPROM, Award BIOS with Enhanced ACPI feature

FDD, IDE HDD or SCSI HDD in master mode is bootable

Power ATX Power Connector

Form Factor ATX, 305 x 190 mm

Feature Hardware Monitor function

Support 2 IDE devices

Bundled Anti-virus software

Driver & Utility :

SMSC Software Driver

BIOS update utility