Rhino MVP3-AT
CPU Socket 7
Support 50/60/66/75/83/95/100Mhz
Support Intel Pentium, Pentium MMX
Cyrix/IBM 6X86/6X86MX & MII
AMD K5, K6, K6-2, & K6III and WinChip C6
Switching regulator
Chipsets VIA Apollo MVP3
L2 Cache 512K or 1MB Pipeline Cache SRAM
Memory 3 x 168 pins DIMM sockets
Use x64 or x72 PC SDRAM, 3.3V
Support PC-66 SDRAM DIMM for 66 MHz Processor
Support PC-100 SDRAM DIMM for 100MHz Processor
SDRAM : 8M to 384MB
Slot 4 x 32-bit PCI (PCI 2.1)
3 x 16-bit ISA
1 AGP slot with 66/133MHz Bus
I/O SMC super I/O controller
On-board Bus-Mastering EIDE controller
2 x IDE connectors for 4 IDE devices (Ultra DMA 33MB H.D.)
Connector 1 x SPP/ECP/EPP parallel port
1 x 1.44/2.88MB Floppy disk controller
1 x IrDA header
2 x fast serial 16550 serial ports
1 x PS/2 type mouse port
1 x dual USB port
BIOS Award
Advanced Power Management,ACPI
Plug & Play, DMI 2.0
Support Modem Ring On
1 MB Flash memory for on-board programming
Software Shutdown
Support ZIP Drive & CD-ROM boot
Hardware Doctor S/W Bundled
Power Connector for AT/ATX power supply
Size Baby AT 250mm x 220mm