Feast of Apple IIe mainboard


Fortunately, I got a piece of Super II, collected some related materials, and dedicated to friends who are interested in Apple IIe.

In 1980,Apple IIe's first design project called "Diana". Diana was intended primarily to be an Apple II that had fewer internal components, and would be less expensive to build. The project was later known as "LCA", which stood for "Low Cost Apple". the final code name for the updated Apple II was "Super II", and lasted until its release.

The Apple IIe was released in January 1983, the successor to the Apple II Plus. Some of the hardware and software features of the Apple III were borrowed in the design of the Apple IIe. The culmination of these changes led to increased sales and greater market share of both home and small business use.

1. Project Evaluation board

Super II is the Project Evaluation board of the Apple IIe motherboard, which has SK4501-01 and 620-XXXX- numbers. You can see the following pieces of Super II on the Internet.

1. 1 Super II NO.4

As an upgraded version of Apple II, Super II directly skips the wire wrapped version. The PCB date is 8103 weeks.There are two names on the Super II motherboard, one is Walt Broedner and the other is JOHN MACPHEE.

Walt Broedner at Apple did much of the original hardware planning, and was one of those at Apple who pushed for the upgrade in the first place. To help maintain compatibility with older 40-column software (which often addressed the screen directly for speed), he decided to make 80-columns work by mirroring the older 40 column text screen onto a 1K memory space parallel to it, with the even columns in main memory and the odd columns in this new "auxiliary" memory.

No information on JOHN MACPHEE can be found. He still appears on the Apple IIe product evaluation board. He is estimated to be responsible for the design of the program or motherboard.

This Super II NO.4 has a sticker with "TESTED DATE 9-29-89" on it, which should mean that it passed the test on September 29, 1989, indicating that it was a sample retained by Apple, only But thirty years later, it was still cleaned out by Apple. I don’t know if Apple still has Super II.

1.2 Super II NO.13 

This is Karl Grabe ’s collection, he worked at Apple Computer Ltd in Cork from 1983 to 1998.Karl Grabe used this Super II to test character roms for the Apple IIe in 1983, Apple Cork. 

The numbers of Super II NO.4 # and Super II NO.13 are not much different, but the dates of various chips are different.


(From tek4um.com)

1.3 Super II NO.71 

According to apple2history.org, "Dean Nichols for finding such a creation from the bowels of Apple and sending it" Dean Nichols got it from within Apple.


From apple2history.org

1.4 Super II NO.84

This motherboard is sold by vintagemicros.com website, the number is 84, it seems to increase the SPEAK function.

As can be seen from the numbers of these 4 motherboards, Super II has manufactured about 100 of them.


From vintagemicros.com

2. Product Evaluation board

The number 820-0064-00 is the product evaluation board for Apple IIe, which has been officially named Apple IIe and also has the number 620-XXXX-. The PCB date is 8212 weeks and the copyright number of 1982. 

The number 820-0064-00 is the product evaluation board for Apple IIe, has been officially named Apple IIe, and also has the number 620-XXXX-.

It also has an inscription on the bottom right that reads “BROEDNER / AURICCHIO / RICE / MACPHEE”. There are two more names than Super II. 

2.1 820-0064-00 NO.288

This motherboard is from JonathanFrance.


(From applefritter.com

2.2 820-0064-00 NO.536

This motherboard is from the transwarp II guy.

2.3 820-0064-00 NO.569

This motherboard and my Super II NO.4 come from nerjembless, the same seller of eBay.

3. Apple IIe

The official version of Apple IIe has not been marked with the names of personnel related to the design and production of the motherboard.3.1 Test boardThis Test board is an OzKFest collection. There are 820-0064-B and 607-0164- numbers. The test board is handwritten with the number "081" in the blank space, and the official version seems to have the date printed here.

(From retrotechnology.com)

4. Apple IIe P.A.L. version

4.1 Test board

The following is the Apple IIe motherboard sold by eBay seller econsaints. The PCB date is 8238 weeks, which is the test board. The numbers above are 820-0073-A and 607-0664-.

5. Apple IIe NTSC version

(From finapple.hho.fi)

6. Apple IIe Platinum version

7. Apple III

Apple IIe appeared a little later than apple III, and its design also borrowed from Apple III. by the way, look at the mainboard of Apple III.


Daniel Kottke was Apple employee number 12 ,Daniel was heavily involved in building and testing the early versions of the Apple II computer, and later built the some of the first prototype of the Apple III ─he owns the firsApple III prototype.

(From digibarn.com)

(From achimbaque.de)

7.2 Official version

(From oldcomputers.net)